How To Go Through Lasting Transformation

Sep 19, 2022

How To Go Through Lasting Transformation


My favorite analogy when it comes to transformation is the caterpillar to the butterfly.


I think it explains the process, and what’s required, so perfectly and vividly.


Every caterpillar has the potential to become a butterfly 


Through following the natural process of growth that a caterpillar is destined to go through.


That exists within every caterpillar.


If it simply goes through it’s natural process 


Prepares to get in the cocoon


Stays in the cocoon long enough


Doesn’t get scared and leave the cocoon 


It will become the butterfly 


As natural laws dictate.


The butterfly represents our higher self 


The potential version of ourselves and the lives we can live.


But, unlike caterpillars, so many of us have been conditioned to live in a way that isn’t in accordance with natural and universal laws. 


Which is why the majority of people remain the caterpillar.


We have been taught to live in fear


To value “safety” over growth.


Which prevents us from going through the natural transformation all of us are capable of going through. 


Yet, when we remain the caterpillar..


We end up becoming stressed 








Among so many other things that could be prevented.


I think this is because everyone deep down understands that there is something more 


But their mind comes in and plays the program that so many have been convinced to play


That there isn’t


That this is just the way things are


And if you have experienced the above for most of your life


It can be easy to believe that is the case


Because that is the only reality you have experienced up until this point.


But if you follow that inner knowing that is telling you that you are much, much more than you’ve been led to believe.


If you let that inner butterfly that is trying to burst out guide you


You will find that perhaps you have overstayed your welcome being the caterpillar 


And life is only giving you some of the things I listed to encourage you to change 


To start becoming what you are meant to become.


And then, when you have the courage to do the work that allows you to step into the cocoon


To stick with it long enough so you remain in there


You come out the other side as the butterfly you were always destined to become.


You become the higher self that life had been trying to lead you towards.


If you want to learn more about how to go through this process and if you are ready to do so, check out my free training the 5 keys to lasting transformation


The butterfly exists within you, it’s just a matter of becoming aware of what will bring that out, and then taking action in that direction.